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Larry Pierce did not record too many songs that were not hits.  We thought maybe a way to give you a taste of this album is by printing the first verse sung on the first song on the album:


From ‘Hillbilly Girlfriend’   ©Laughing Hyena Records


I got a sweet little country girl,

Long tan legs and pretty blonde curls.

She’s really into music and keeps tapping her feet,

Looking all around for something to beat.

Every time she sees me she unzips my pants,

Pulls out my pecker and goes into a trance.

She likes her country music, she gets into the beat,

She keeps a rhythm by beating my meat.

She strokes it up and down with a dirty old sock.

My baby likes her music and my Hillbilly cock.


This is the first of 20 liked-themed songs on this album. If you like the first one you might well like the rest of them.

Larry Pierce “Locker Room Songs”

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“Locker Room Songs” Track List

1 Hunting Two Legged Deer
2 Gigolo
3 Come Dance for Me
4 Handprints On Your Dress
5 You’ll Never Have to Work Again
6 Are You Coming Home Tonight?
7 Stank Up the Whole Room
8 One Night Stand
9 I Want You Again
10 Don’t Pretend You’re Sleeping
11 Hillbilly Girl Friend
12 One-On-One
13 Cutting the Cheese
14 She’s In the Arms of Another Woman
15 Good Women Don’t Come Free
16 Dump That Jerk and Come With Me
17 Wanna Make a Video?
18 Grab Me When We’re Dancing
19 When the Carnival Came to Town
20 Silent Treatment