Larry Pierce “Locker Room Songs”

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“Locker Room Songs” Track List

1 Hunting Two Legged Deer
2 Gigolo
3 Come Dance for Me
4 Handprints On Your Dress
5 You’ll Never Have to Work Again
6 Are You Coming Home Tonight?
7 Stank Up the Whole Room
8 One Night Stand
9 I Want You Again
10 Don’t Pretend You’re Sleeping
11 Hillbilly Girl Friend
12 One-On-One
13 Cutting the Cheese
14 She’s In the Arms of Another Woman
15 Good Women Don’t Come Free
16 Dump That Jerk and Come With Me
17 Wanna Make a Video?
18 Grab Me When We’re Dancing
19 When the Carnival Came to Town
20 Silent Treatment