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Sex Crazed Woman

My old lady Pearl has the once a decade hots and I am trying like hell to avoid her. She has a sexual drive that comes and goes about the same regularity as locusts. Every 10 years she starts acting like a wild teased monkey.


I am watching TV the other night and Pearl comes sliding up to me in a pair of cowboy boots and rawhide. She says she wants me to have a night like no other in my wildest dreams. And my cowboy dreams can be fulfilled tonight. So, I start for the door and say ‘OK, here is the deal. When our neighbor lady Naomi falls asleep, I will sneak back home.’ Well, that put her back on her heels for about two seconds.  She says ‘Earl, let’s go out to eat and drive home on the backroads and park and make out.’ Then she says ‘better yet, let’s get a baby sitter for E.J. and go to one of those nasty motels with the round beds and sunk down tubs and the R-rated movies on the T.V.’ And I say to Pearl ‘Are you on some kind of hormone treatment?’ She says ‘I can go to some strange bar wearing a mini skirt and smoking long brown cigarettes and you can come in a couple of minutes later and try to pick me up’. Then she throws her arms around my legs and says ‘Earl, I want to be your Bimbo.’


I have been sitting in a radio station all night.  Hell, I am afraid to go home.  I have me a sexual time bomb at home and it is still ticking. Wake Up America!



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Earl Pitts “Looks At Women”


“Earl Pitts Looks at Women” Track List

1) Market Victims
2) Sleazy Women
3) Level 3 PMS Alert
4) Aunt Gladys
5) Sex-Crazed Pearl
6) Make Up
7) First Lady
8) Playboy Protests
9) Pearl’s Fat
10) PMS Treatment
11) Female Products
12) Pick-Up Trucks
13) Women’s Jobs
14) Specially For Women