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Welcome to Jay Hickman’s personal Kama Sutra world, where positioning makes his life a multi-faceted and enriching place. Find out which set of circumstances and body orientation will turn a man into Rambo. This album could have been named ‘Jay Hickman – the F***athon’. The master of intimacy lays it all out for you to consider adding to your repertoire. You will be a better man for it.  Let your imagination run wild.


Hickman’s best sexual acts album belongs in your collection to enhance your mental and physical gymnastic routines. Married or single, as long as you are dating there is information here to make you a better lover.  By the way, there is a rumor going around that Hickman was single his whole life.  Practice makes perfect. At least trying to be perfect is a lot of fun. Listening to this album is a lot of fun too. That’s what you came here for. And that is what he delivers.


This Southern born and raised man only has a tenth-grade education, but he has a way of phrasing words beyond his English education. He throws a bunch of words in the air and they all come down in the right order.  Listening to Hickman is voyeuristic as well as smart and funny.

Jay Hickman “Macho Man”

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“Macho Man” Track List

1) Turn Your Man Into Rambo
2) Stories From the Doctor’s Office
3) Grubworm With a Turtle Neck Sweater
4) Face Like a Glazed Doughnut
5) I Loved My Redneck Daddy
6) My 10th Grade Education
7) Union Men Get Overtime
8) Coyote Ugly
9) Double Coyote Ugly
10) Boat Ride