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Alonzo Bodden recorded his last two albums for Laughing Hyena Records, including this one, “Man Overboard”. Recorded in the Caribbean, it is still the same old Alonzo we love listening to in the upper 48. The first few minutes are for the benefit of people who cruize and the rest is for us landlubbers.


Listen to Alonzo’s side-splitting “This Week in White Supremecy”, “#metoo”,  and “Return Ticket on the Underground Railroad’. Then settle in for “Shopping for her Gift” and the killer closer “Farmers Only Dot Com. He was quoted as saying “he likes to mix it up and hopes that audiences will join him for a laugh and a think, or two.”


A motorcycle aficionado, he has appeared on “Jay Leno’s Garage” and a host of other television shows. Alonzo tours a lot, domestically and internationally. Take in his show if you get the chance.

Alonzo Bodden “Man Overboard”

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“Man Overboard” Track List

1. Lifeboat Drill
2. BlackPanther
3. Pakistani Bike Baby
4. Yes, I Know Obama
5. Don’t Blame Me, I’m Black
6. Am I a Republican?
7. Let Them take the First Hit
8. STill the Best
9. Ben Carson
10. Pay your Side Piece Bill
11. Transgenders Need to Pee
12. Pro Common Sense
13. This Week in White Supremacy
14. #Metto
15. Return Ticket on the Underground Railroad
16. I Got a Guy
17. Curling is Hope
18. Which Waze Do I Go?
19. Siri vs Alexa
20. Falling Down
21. In New York You Might See Anything
22. My Vows Have expired (Bonus Track)
23. Shopping for Her Gift (Bonus Track)
24. No One Buys at Brookstone (Bonus Track)
25. Yoga Pants (Bonus Track)
26. Farmers Only Dot Com (Bonus Track)