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Gabriel Rutledge is an American comedian and writer known for his clever observations and witty commentary on everyday life. He was born in Olympia, Washington in 1973, and began his stand-up comedy career in 2000. Since then, he has performed in comedy clubs and festivals across the United States, as well as on television programs such as Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham,” Nickelodeon’s “NickMom Night Out,” and “The Bob & Tom Show.”

Rutledge has released several comedy albums, including “Sometimes Laughter Hurts” and “Breeder Material,” and has won multiple awards for his comedy, including the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2004. He is also a regular guest on several popular podcasts, including “Doug Loves Movies” and “The Mental Illness Happy Hour.” Additionally, Rutledge has authored several books, including “Happiness Isn’t Funny: True Stories of a Road Comic.”

Jeremy Danley & Gabriel Rutledge “Party Animals”


1. Recovering Alcoholics
2. Jet-Dog University
3. Road Rage
4. PMS
5. Sarcastic Retard Voice
6. Busted on the Beach
7. Useless Crap
8. Krispy Kreme Conspiracy
9. Dumb Stoners
10. Pregnancy Test
11. The Tranquilizer
12. Baby Boner
13. Retards at WalMart
14. Disconnect
15. Dear Direct TV