Ray Carlisle “Poultry Patrol”

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When it comes to trucking comedy, Ray Carlisle is the elite of the fleet. “Poultry Patrol” is so chock full of jokes, when you put it aside for a few months you don’t remember much of what you heard. It’s like listening to a new album each time. How is that for a bargain? Here are some examples of Carlisle’s humor:


Done made me my first three million but it’s all in miles.

I heard Schneider was going to put bug shields on the back of their trailers, because the trailers don’t go fast enough to get out of the bugs way.

Do you know how a Schneider driver cleans his windshield? He just comes to a complete stop and the bugs just fly off.

At the age of 12, I got myself a truck so I wouldn’t have to go to work.

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“Poultry Patrol” Track List

1) Oklahoma City
2) Joke Track One
3) Went Out West
4) Y.P.A.C.H. One
5) Poultry Patrol
6) Falling Stars Intro
7) Joke Track Two
8) Y.P.A.C.H. Two
9) O.K.C. Add
10) Tom’s Poem One
11) Tom’s Poem Two
12) Race To Amarillo
13) Return From Amarillo
14) Cow Track
15) Joke Track Three
16) The Last Envelope
17) Irac Track
18) Joke Track Four
19) Y.P.A.C.H.Three
20) Alamo Chrome
21) Have A Drink
22) The Right Gear
23) “Little Ray”
24) Ending