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Listen to what turned out to be Carlisle’s last album in 2012.  Driving was coming in second place to him being a father to Ray, Jr. who was old enough to go on trips with his Dad. Carlisle was in the process of starting up his own tree cutting business when his time ran out. He has worked hard his whole life and drove millions of miles. His body just gave out, but we have his albums to remember him by. Here are the last words on his last album:


“It all starts with the ranchers and farmers. They are the ones that make all the food. Then comes the trucks and these trucks don’t just feed our country; they feed the world. I just want to say I appreciate everything you do because I know you don’t ever hear that from nobody. Well, drivers, I hope you like this CD. It’s just a bunch of stories, a bunch of things that happened to me over the years. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you appreciated it. Have a good trip. I’m back out. “           …Ray Carlisle.   XXXX

Ray Carlisle “Semi-Retired”

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“Semi-Retired” Track List

1. Trucker’s Holiday
2. Levi Jeans
3. Dedicated Flatbedder
4. Broker Tension
5. The Race Across Arizona
6. Steve’s Ad
7. Dead Key
8. Knoxville Petro
9. That Black Pete
10 .The Atlanta Loop
11. Load To Laredo
12. Skunk Bottles
13. El Dorado Sonic
14. Skunk Bud
15. A Place to Park
16. Chrome Casket