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After recording Jeff Foxworthy we were talking and Foxworthy mentioned the name, Ron White, asking if we had heard of him. Jeff asked Ron to call us, which he did. He told us he had only been performing three years and Foxworthy was helping him perfect the craft. After asking around about White, we got great reviews, but cautioning us he was a little dirty. That was OK with us so we scheduled a recording date. White stopped by our old office in Kansas City if it was on the way to his next gig and we enjoyed our ritual meal at the Pancake House.

The album started off selling slow, but about eight years later it takes off to the moon. So now he can’t drive by the office anymore because he goes from gig to gig by private jet, often going out of his way to pick up his opening act wherever they might be. White is a nice guy.

Don’t miss White riffing about buying rubbers at Floyd’s Pharmacy in Fritsch, TX. Another don’t miss is the tale about him entering his wife’s picture in Hustler’s Beaver Hunt. These are two of the funniest bits we ever recorded. Foxworthy told us right. For fans of blue humor, this album is a treat.

…Arnie Hoffman


Ron White “Tater Salad”

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“Tater Salad” Track List

1) Buying Rubbers
2) Bull Rider
3) Professional Smart Ass
4) Hustler’s Beaver Hunt
5) Army Studs
6) Penthouse Good Looking
7) Busted in Des Moines
8) Artificial Insemination
9) Looking Like a Dweeb
10) Fat Man’s Sport
11) Sensuous Brunette
12) Queer Beer
13) Armadillo Dundee
14) Free Booze In Vegas
15) Field Sobriety Test
16) Navy Stories