Ollie Joe Prater “The Best Of Ollie Joe Prater”


“Triple Trouble – The Best Of Ollie Joe Prater” Track List

1. Introduction
2. Nashville Jail Time
3. Tennessee State Trooper
4. All Black Cell Mates
5. No White Supremacy Today
6. Grizzly Woman
7. 35 Horsepower Vibrator
8. My Wife Is Cutting Me Off
9. Hostile, Mobile Male Child
10. Biker Foreplay
11. Elevator Farts
12. Big Truck Driver
13. I’d Rather Commit Adultery
14. Breastfeeding In Public
15. Let’s Talk About Sex
16. Sorting The Family Jewels
17. Condom Mania
18. Reamed In Divorce Court
19. Lying Down With My Woman
20. Cajun Food Bathroom Scream
21. Writing My Name In The Snow