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Joey Medina is an American comedian and actor known for his stand-up comedy performances and appearances in films and television shows. Medina began his career in entertainment in the 1980s as a break dancer, performing with a crew called the “Rock Steady Crew”. He later transitioned to stand-up comedy, performing at clubs and venues across the United States and internationally. 

 Medina has received widespread acclaim for his comedy specials such as “Joey Medina: Gloves Off” and “Joey Medina: Latin Palooza.” He is known for his sharp and irreverent humor and ability to connect with audiences from diverse backgrounds. 

 In addition to his stand-up comedy work, Medina has also appeared in several films and TV shows, including The Original Latin Kings of Comedy, The Last Latino, and My Name is Earl. He also worked as a writer and producer, participating in projects such as “Latina Divas de Komedio” and “Latina Palooza.” 

 Medina remains one of the most successful and respected comedians in the industry.

Wild Willie Parsons & Joey Medina “Comedy On Steroids!”


Joey Medina

1 Introduction
2 Latina & White Women
3 Being Single
4 Marriage License Expiration
5 Shy Night Club Girls
6 Shower Massager
7 Kinkiness Is…
8 String Of Beads
9 Some Sexual Things You Love

Wild Willie Parsons

1 Introduction
2 Losing The Cops
3 Diving Into Rose Bushes
4 Airplane Seating
5 World’s Not Designed For Big Guys
6 Who Wears A Small Shirt?
7 The Homeless
8 My Visit To Skid Row
9 I Went To College & Prison
10 Like A Truck At The Dock
11 “Will, Why Are You Stabbing Me?”
12 China Missing Persons
13 Collecting For The Paper
14 I Was There When The Cops Showed Up
15 Weapons In Their Butt