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Ron White gained notoriety during the Blue Collar Comedy Tour he headlined with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Bill Engvall back in the oughts. White has parlayed that success into one of America’s most beloved concert headliners. White packs the Mirage twice a Year in Vegas and fills the main showrooms to the rafters He private jets to many similar venues when he is on tour. To hear him before he made it big time, listen to “Tater Salad’.


He has done a number of albums. “You Can’t Fix Stupid’ has sold the best, meaning it is the funniest. We have this available to you only as a CD, which you can play itself or by transferring it to your technology of choice.


It is pure Ron White. Hilarious to the last drop.

Ron White “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

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“You Can’t Fix Stupid” Track List

1) Intro
2) Seeing Old Friends
3) Landscaper
4) Touring On The Bus
5) Cheesewheel
6) Michael Jackson
7) Petticoat Junction
8) Ft. Polk
9) The Globe
10) A Flipper
11) Bachelorette Party
12) Refill
13) You Can’t Fix Stupid
14) Squirrel Man
15) Chocolate
16) Highway Delight
17) Mile High Club
18) Work Ethic
19) High School
20) Grandma in Texas
21) Cousin Ray