Thea Vidale “Momma Don’t Lie”

“Momma Don’t Lie” Track List 1. In From The Cold 2. Airline Adventures 3. It’s Hard To Be A Woman 4. Getting Older 5. Night Sweats 6. Freedom of Speech 7. Momma Is A Hellcat 8. Breakfast For A Queen 9. You Are A Handsome Man 10. Ho to Good Girl Ration 11. Who’s Your Daddy? 12. Mountain Lion Story 13. My Daughter-In-Law 14. Oppressed Latinos 15. Django and Avatar 16. Monkey Dance of LoveRead More…

Larry Pierce “Songs For Working Men”

“Songs For Working Men” Track List Do That Sexy Dane You Do Love Your Neighbor Make Your Daddy Happy Girlie Magazine In the Rain Don’t Beleive ThaT Lie I Have You The Sheriff Wore a Dress I Never Missed A Lick I Don’t Want Another Wife Does It Say Gucci on Your Underwear? Fuck Your Brains Out (One Night Stand) Gigolo


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Willie P. Richardson “Strikes Again”

“Willie Strikes Again” Track List 1) Found Toe 2) Radio Teeth 3) Fish Record 4) Nursing Home Prospect 5) Movin’ Pappy 6) Snake Pot 7) Frequent Voter 8) Cow Birthing 9) Funeral Singer 10) Basketball Shoe 11) Extended Warranty 12) House Mover 13) Frozen Wife 

Willie P. Richardson “Phone Pranks”

“Phone Pranks” Track List 1) Introduction 2) Switchin’ Babies 3) Hot Tamales 4) Dead Cow 5) Coat Pocket 6) Large Bus Rider 7) Gift Shopper 8) Rental Car 9) License Plates 10) Mailin’ Goats 11) Visiting Choir 12) Ginseng – The Miracle Herb 13) Missing Watch

Gilbert Gnarley “From The Retirement Home”

Radio personality Gary Burbank plays an 80-year-old phone prankster.  He lives at the St. Pia Zadora retirement home and gets into trouble making prank calls. This album contains his most acclaimed call, KY jelly, where Gilbert calls up the manufacturer of KY and asks about its supposed various uses- “Can you eat it on toast?” “What flavors does it come in?” Join Gilbert Gnarley on his stagger through the Yellow Pages on the funniest phone prank album ever.Read More…

Jeff Foxworthy “Live”

“Jeff Foxworthy Live” Track List 1) Back in the South 2) You Might be A Redneck 3) Raised In A Barn 4) Sneaking Back Home 5) Throwing a Party 6) The Fertility Clinic 7) Single Life 8) Bodacious Tatas 9) The Wedding Reception 10) Big Engagement Rings 11) Cold Butted Woman 12) Fragrances 13) Trying To Be Sexy 14) Rocket Launched Body Sounds 15) Stuffed Animal Wallhangings 16) Bell Bottom Leisure Suits 17) Money FightsRead More…