The Laughing Hyena Band


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The Laughing Hyena Band is produced by Arnie Hoffman. The goal is to record the best  Hunting and Drinking songs imaginable. Toward that end Deer Camp Songs has been such a perennial favorite that the CD has usually been the #1 Best Selling Comedy CD on Amazon during Hunting Season in December for the last 15 years.. Funny grandpa and grandson deer hunting chatter intermingles between the oftentimes hilarious deer hunting songs. Not to be satisfied, we took the best songs from Deer Camp Songs and mixed in the most appealing songs from Deer Hunting Songs and Deer Hunting Tales to create Favorite Deer Hunting Songs, which may well take that #1 position away from Deer Camp Songs in the future.  Either way you can not go wrong with Laughing Hyena’s Deer albums, the best on the market. And they are clean.
Since hunters and fisherman sometimes take along adult beverages on their trips, we also made Beer Drinking Songs and 13 Drinking Songs. Don’t forget Chugalug by Schmittfaced too. And a couple aspirins.