Gary Bell comes from the great State of Texas where he honed his comedic skills. Though he has had several marriages and several divorces, he’s not one to give up on love or comedy. Gary uses his personal experiences of marriage and raising kids to make his comedy full of richly relatable humor which audiences can all empathize with.
Listen to Gary joke about his passion for drinking Long Island Ice Teas and their ability to get you into someone’s bed or out of it, depending on your gender.
He passes on his various experiences of his three marriages to everyone who’s thinking of making that fateful plunge with his interpretation of the wedding vows.
And you can never forget his statistical analysis of the effects of Cell Phones versus Weed on the average employee while at the work place.
A strong supporter of our troops, Gary has made several trips overseas to entertain our fighting men in uniform.
Gary’s hilarious take on life, love and the American Dream are too good to miss. Enjoy his infectious laugh and highly entertaining stories no matter how many times you hear them.

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