They say laughter is the best medicine, but sometimes the medicine can be too much for Grandma to stomach. Fortunately, our Clean Comedy collection is suitable for listeners of all ages.

If you’re looking to enjoy a laugh with family at home without worrying about inappropriate language or adult subject matter, Laughing Hyena Records has you covered. We have recorded some of the best clean comedians in the business, like Earl Pitts and Jeff Foxworthy, who Grandma would surely approve of.

Earl Pitts

Created by radio legend Gary Burbank, Earl Pitts is a redneck through and through who loves to share his opinions on everything from relationships to politics. Since Burbank introduced the character in the early 1980s, Earl Pitts has become a household name. In fact, the character of Earl Pitts is the longest-running, short-form radio feature in history.

Earl’s views of the hard-working, red-blooded American are unique and hilarious. His stories about going to the races and the true American pastime of huntin’ and fishin’ will give you and your family hours of clean comedy to enjoy. Earl is only one of many hysterical characters voiced by Gary Burbank, like prank phone-calling senior citizen Gilbert Gnarley.

One of the best clean comedians to ever grace the radio, Gary Burbank’s cast of hilarious characters will have your family rolling on the floor and definitely LOL. Burbank stands apart from other clean comedians with his laser-fast wit and sheer range of characters. Since Burbank rarely appeared in person as his characters, his side-splitting recordings are meant to be listened to and experienced all in the theater of the mind.

Jeff Foxworthy

Take a blast into the past with Jeff Foxworthy’s “The Redneck Test.” Proceed with caution, though, since you’ll probably get some good-natured ribbing from your wife once she hears some of Foxworthy’s jokes about marriage. They’re all clean, good family fun, and so funny that she’ll laugh along too! All of Jeff Foxworthy’s recordings here at Laughing Hyena Records are pure gold and worth listening to again and again.

Laughing Hyena Records is proud to have helped launch Jeff Foxworthy’s career, and his original recordings are the work of one of America’s funniest — and clean— stand-up comedians.

The Best Options For Comedy

Whether you’re an old or new fan of Earl Pitts or Jeff Foxworthy, take a journey back to where it all started with their first stand-up recordings. We’ve also got early live shows from clean comics like “Last Comic Standing” champ Alonzo Bodden. Clean comedy is more challenging than you think, and these pros have worked clean for years.

At Laughing Hyena Records, we don’t just focus on the greats of comedy that have passed through our recording studio. We also keep an ear out for undiscovered and up-and-coming comics. Our recordings are available on CD and via streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube.

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