With the impeccable comedic timing of Steve Martin in the 1970’s James P. Connolly has you hanging on every well chosen word in “Spin Doctor” on Laughing Hyena Records. And who better to channel Steve Martin than this Harvard educated ex-marine officer who fought in the infantry in Desert Storm. He is a wicked funnyman.
Listen to the sharp comedy that jettisoned him into the limelight on Bob and Tom and Comedy Central. Catch this future star at the beginning of his career, He also hosts the show “Movie Obsessions” on VH1.
Connolly cut his comedy teeth in the Los Angeles area at the top comedy clubs. On Spin Doctor Connolly does his spot-on comic Elvis impersonation. We mention this because you would not know it was Connolly if we did not tell you.
He performs mostly in California and west coast comedy clubs. Don’t miss this polished funnyman riff about the world according to James P. Connolly. “Connolly wants everyone to know he has a very manly voice.” Get ready to laugh out loud. Listen to it for yourself because we know you are not doing anything important at work.

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