Puss hound extraordinaire, Pat Dixon has sex on his mind. Having low standards helps to keep his batting average high. Hearing stories of Pat’s perfected sexual experiences pepper this riotous album. This is the place to be for a good hardy laugh for those not easily offended.
Pat has taken his blue brand of comedy to all 50 states. Originally from Tennessee, he is a master entertainer who brings a sense of fun as well as a refreshing dose of reality to the state. Audiences everywhere love and relate to his bold and unique blend of personal stories, life lessons and just plain funny jokes
A favorite in comedy clubs, he is recognized from his own special on Comedy Central and “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and many other television appearances. Also radio listeners know him from his many appearances on “The Bob and Tom Radio Show”.
Walk on the wild side with Pat as he takes on the subjects of European travel, sex, dating, sex, marriage, sex, toilets, sex and more sex. Pat is reaching commercial critical mass. This is an album you will long remember.

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