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Big Ed Caylor was born and raised in Eastern Tennessee. He also has a thick Southern accent that will make a lot of country boys feel like a city slicker!
Big Ed (6’4” and 270 lbs.), thus the name Big Ed, has been funny all his life and began his comedy career in 1995 in Chattanooga at the Comedy Catch. Big Ed polished his skills and created a huge fan base before striking out on the road of comedy, He has done T.V. talk shows and worked with some high profile acts like Tommy Chong, Brett Butler, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Tim Wilson, and the list goes on!
Big Ed has worked as a painter, electrician, trailer mechanic, and truck driver but found his true calling as a stand-up comic. Big Ed is Southern to the core and as country as grits and cornbread!
What he says about “Not a Fighter”, “Pecker Pills”… “My Loving Wife”, “My Baby Girl”… is gut-busting hilarious!
We thoroughly enjoyed this CD and are still laughing!
It’s like taking a bath in comedy!!!

Big Ed Caylor “Hick-A-Licious”


“ Hick-A-licious” Track Listing

1. Not A Fighter
2. Am I Drunk
3. R.I.P. Hollywood
4. Mr. Woods
5. Down With Technology
6. Waitress Of The Year
7. Hillbilly Gangster
8. Have It My Way
9. After Midnight
10. Pecker Pills
11. Tea Bag
12. My Loving Wife
13. Hair Doo
14. Cars To Kids
15. Duct Tape
16. Daddy Said…
17. Hating On Barbee
18. My Baby Girl
19. Women’s Restroom
20. Hick-A-Licious