Jonathon Gotsick & Greg Travis “All American Humor”

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    Jonathon Gotsick

    1. Dry Heaves
    2. Vanilla Cubicle Farts
    3. Cat Hernia Get Well Cards
    4. Woodys and Gentlemens’ Clubs
    5. Strip-O-Potamus
    6. Suffocated by an Exotic Dancer
    7. Betting the Horses
    8. Mr. Clean’s Queer Little Brother
    9. Coach’s Football Team
    10. Grandpa

    Greg Travis

    1. Credit Card Crazy
    2. Illegal Net Surfing
    3. My Rich Friends
    4. I Can’t Drive When You’re Talking
    5. Good Credit Can Buy Love
    6. Fool For Love
    7. Sex Is Best With Someone Else
    8. I’m Horny As Hell
    9. David Sleaze, Punk Magician