Reviews and Teasers

This hour-long album is a tribute to the best of Stand-Ups we recorded in our first fifteen years. There were a lot of highlights to chose from, so we picked the best of the best to present to you. We listed 32 tracks to keep the pace lively, including the last track “Boat Ride” which is our most popular bit to close the album, and “The Tuckers”, our most popular funny song release to open the album.

This album can be a sampler for new fans of our label, or it can be a no-misses collection to go back and play again for a rollicking good time. One listener said he discovered John Fox on this collection and now has both his albums in his library. You can’t miss this much talent on one album. If you like your comedy dirty! Try this!



1. Trucker Family
2. John Fox
3. John Fox
4. Beth Donahue
5. Jay Hickman
6. Larry Reeb
7. Mark Gross
8. Trucker Wally
9. Ollie Joe Prater
10. John Fox
11. Beth Donahue
12. Mark Gross
13. Trucker Wally
14. John Fox
15. Mark Gross
16. Dave Miller
17. Ron White
18. John Fox
19. Jay Hickman
20. Beth Donahue
21. Jay Hickman
22. Trucker Wally
23. John Fox
24. Beth Donahue
25. Larry Reeb
26. Mark Gross
27. John Fox
28. Trucker Wally
29. Trucker Wally
30. Mark Gross
31. Trucker Wally
32. Boat Ride