Reviews and Teasers

For our 25th Anniversary celebration we assembled some tid-bits to tantalize you from the likes of Jerry Dye, Willie P. Richardson, Doc Barham, Steve McGrew, Steven Pearl and Larry Reeb and more. Willie. P. Richardson was the original phone prankster and is clean to boot.  The others are on the dirty side. All of them are gut-busters.


Sit back and be entertained for 1 hour and 11 minutes by some of our best comedians. Lucky you. Most are comedians we recorded after our 15th Anniversary, so they are newer. The album is rated at 1 yuck per minute, with gusts up to three yucks per minute. That puts it in the Superior category by the head of Comedy in the Thorazine Unit at Bellevue Hospital in New York.


So, you might want to spend an hour with your 25th Anniversary some sunny day on the lawn with your dog Carlin. He will ruff at the stunts about animals.

Various Artists “Laughing Hyena 25th Anniversary”


1. Introduction
2. Truckstop Comedy
3. Phone Pranks
4. Sexual Odometer
5. Tater Salad
6. Triple Trouble
7. The Duke of Dirt
8. H.L. 15th Anniversary
9. Country Comedy
10. The Jogn Fox Collection
11. Guy Stuff
12. Talking Trash
13. One Sick Puppy
14. Sick World, Happy Guy
15. Boat Ride