David Tyree (comedian) is a hilarious stand-up comic who has entertained audiences for years. Born in poverty in Lima, Ohio, he has brought smiles to the faces of millions from his appearances on series like Def Comedy Jam, Stand-up Spotlight, Evening at the Improv, and A&E’s Rodney Dangerfield: Live from the Improv.

Known For

David Tyree is known for his quick wit, relatable humor, and ability to improvise. He has made appearances on television shows and films and has released several comedy albums.

David Tyree is a comedian who has entertained audiences for years with his unique brand of comedy. His raunchy jokes, dark humor, and observational comedic skits often draw from his experiences and struggles growing up in the inner city, making his jokes relatable to a broad audience.

He’s known for his improv and quick thinking, which keeps his audience on their toes and laughing. You can look at his current projects on his website, like the Old Comic Home, The Gray Boys, and Manopause. David Tyree’s website also looks at his career before and after becoming a comedian.

In recent years, Tyree has been focusing on his stand-up comedy career again. He’s performed all over the country, and his act is constantly evolving. He is currently working on a new comedy special, which is sure to be a hit with fans old and new fans.

He says, “There’s a void. I’m tired of all those talentless jerks that call themselves comedians. They can’t do fifteen minutes on stage, but they’ve got a TV series, so everyone thinks they must be good … WRONG! I’m an old fool from the old school, and I’m bringing back nightclub comedy.”

One of His Most Famous Jokes

David Tyree has many jokes, but here’s one of our personal favorites about hate. 

“Look around. Look at all the white people. I hate white people. It’s nothing personal, but I hate Mexicans, too. I ain’t too crazy about black people either… The white people are going, no, he shouldn’t have said that. Obviously, those of you with any brains in your head at all no, I don’t hate you. I love you….

If I hated you, I wouldn’t be standing here telling you about it. I’d be across the street with a 30 Ought six (a gun) waiting for you to come out. I just do it to show you how silly it is to hate for nothing. It’s okay to hate somebody if, like, they pee on your shoes or something like that. But then you shouldn’t hate somebody just for anything.”

He continues, “But did you notice while I was saying all these things about people, I didn’t say anything negative about homosexuals or Jews? Really? I know who runs shows businesses, and I’d like to stay in it.”

Must See Performer

No matter where he performs, David always brings his unique brand of humor to the stage. His act is a mix of observational comedy and personal stories that will have you laughing out loud. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out David Tyree, the comedian.

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