Reviews and Teasers

Born and raised poor in Lima, Ohio.  David joined the military and fought in Vietnam.  After the military, he attended college in Colorado, before moving to Los Angeles and paling around with comedy’s rising stars.  After many years of partying, David decided to get serious about life and comedy.  His humor got better with age, much like a fine wine.

David Tyree “New Cadillac”


“New Cadillac” Track List

1. Introduction
2. Dark and Rich
3. Vitamins
4. National Black Airlines
5. Handicapped Parking
6. Drugs in the 60’s
7. Alcoholics
8. Velvetta Cheese
9. Horrible Nightmare
10. Midgets and Tampons
11. Big Radios
12. Pussy
13. Panty Soup
14. Car Dealers
15. New Cadillac
16. Black Beauties
17. Eating Watermelon
18. Old People Driving
19. The Finger
20. Getting Older
21. Keep Your Dreams Alive