Steven Pearl has been described as a hurricane on amphetamines. Catch the Laughing Hyena interview with Playboy Playmate of the Year, Julie McCullough on YouTube to catch this unbelievable man in action. Steven does comedy at one hundred words per minute with gusts up to one hundred and sixty. And every word is a … well… a pearl. If you like Robin Williams, then Steven Pearl is your guy. Their comedy is so similar that Robin had Steven write material for him. That’s right, He might be more prolific than Robin Williams.
He is a human joke-writing machine who performs mostly on the west coast and they dig him in Canada. Do not miss his recitation of the Iraqi vowels. We have heard that bit a hundred times but howl out loud every time. It’s a little embarrassing; it’s exhilarating, You also need to catch his new premise, Famous Last Words… as he makes up observations of what famous dead celebrities might have said right before they died. It’s hilarious.
Don’t miss the rapid-fire mind of Steven Pearl. He is a comedic think tank.

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