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Listen to Katfish doing fake CB commercials in the style of Trucker Wally for your driving enjoyment, accompanied by musical guest Larry Pierce, courtesy of Laughing Hyena Records. Yes, for you Jimmy Jackknife, Billy Bobtail professional driving academy graduates, Katfish has exercised his trucking sense of humor full bandwidth. Don’t miss this fast-paced hour of driving joy, because it is the likes of you Katfish and Larry Pierce compiled this road driving, left lane album. Meant to keep you awake. Hear about when Katfish locked himself out of the truck and other tragic stories.

Katfish “Best Of Katfish”


“Best Of Katfish” Track List

1. Jimmy Jackknife, Billy Bobtail Professional Driving Academy
2. Why I want To Drive For J.B Dingleberry Shuffle/Larry Pierce (BMI)
3. Locked Out of The Truck
4. I Never Experienced Pain
5. Girl Hitchhiker
6. Dancing On The Table/Larry Pierce (BMI)
7. Dark Blue D.O.T. Neckties
8. 10 Reasons To Be A Truckdriver
9. Snagged On Phonics
10. Country Crossover Hits
11. The Martian And The Gas Pump
12. Truck Driving Lies
13. Poop Scooping Boogie/Larry Pierce (BMI)
14. More Country Crossover Hits
15. Road Rash