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He was not just driving, he was on the road thinking up funny stuff to put on his albums.  This Oklahoma driver is Laughing Hyena’s best-selling trucker singer-songwriter-comedian. Carlisle started off selling his tapes from his truck while on the road.  Now they are available on CD and for download right here. Listen to him on Spotify if you have it, too. Here are some examples of his sense of humor:


If you’ve ever tried to convince JB that Poontang is the capital of Thailand, you might be a chicken hauler.

If you have a dog named Mudflap, you might be a chicken hauler.

If you have ever asked another driver if he has ever seen an asshole wrapped in shrink wrap and then told him to look at his driver’s license, you’re probably a chicken hauler.

If you’ve been on the road so long that Wilma on the Flintstones starts looking good to you, you’re probably a chicken hauler.

Ray Carlisle “Rooster Cruisin”

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“Rooster Cruisin” Track List

1) Ray’s Radio
2) I’m Worried and Unhappy
3) I’m On The Road Again (With The DOT)
4) Briefcase
5) Just Truck Stuff
6) Serenity
7) Passin’ Side
8) Suicide
9) Poultry Patrol
10) Show Chickens On Board
11) Show Cows On Board
12) Leg Check 60 Ft.
13) Rooster Cruisin’