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Jay Hickman had just a few years left to live after a diagnosis of terminal liver illness He did not take that time to lean back and reflect on his thirty some odd years of living the wildlife.  He doubled down and wrote and rehearsed, wrote and rehearsed some more toward the goal of recording as many classic albums as he could. And did he ever deliver?


Critics and his fans deemed ‘Boat Ride’ to be his best of those seven albums he recorded. The story about a man who could not get any, so he bought a boat and lured unsuspecting women out in the ocean for a little Boat Ride is his signature bit.  Over 1,000,000 views on Laughing Hyena’s youtube channel in the last two years testifies to the hilarity, timelessness, and share-worthiness of this routine. Whatever you do, don’t miss it as it propelled Hickman to the peak of comedy mountain.


Not for the bashful ‘Boat Ride’ examines nuances of the male-female relationship we have all had, or at least wish we had. ‘You will hate yourself in the morning’ he predicts his girlfriend will feel.  ‘I hate my self right f***ing now” she responds. Don’t miss hearing this album.  It’s Gold Album hangs in our offices.


Jay Hickman “Boat Ride”

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“Boat Ride” Track List

1) The Boat Ride
2) Put Out or Swim
3) Making People Laugh
4) I’ll Hate Myself In the Morning
5) I Remember My First Time
6) Super Bowl Sunday
7) Fear of Chihuahuas
8) Early Pregnancy Test
9) Unionized Rubber Workers
10) You’re the Best, Brother Jay