Monique Marvez “Hindsight Is Sooo 2020”


Track List
01 Truly Hump Day
02 Men Store Stuff In Their Special Sack
03 Lies Women Must Get Over
04 Skank Fight
05 No One Eats A Zack Sandwich
06 Tinder Is a Delivery App
07 Chick On Chick Crime
08 I Know Things
09 Rocket Sauce
10 Hippy Tits and Puffy Lips
11 Mechanics of Relationships
12 Hellcat Amanda
13 The Hang and Bang
14 Swings the Hammer Well
15 Little Dude
16 Honesty Is Hot
17 Cheap and Attractive Like Ikea
18 I Have Hot Pockets
19 Droopy Chi-Chis and Hail Damage
20 Skinny-Jeaned Gerbil Boys
21 Almost Extinct Manly Men
22 Pinky Where
23 Cave Sex by the Fire
24 It’s Got Hard in the Title
25 Shift Happens
26 Soup Slurpin’ Spirit Animal
27 Rip Up the Carpet and Good Night