Reviews and Teasers

This collection Part 1 of 2, is a best of the best albums we recorded in our first fifteen years. Included are the best social commentaries from Earl Pitts, American! and the best comedian tracks from Ollie Joe Prater, Jay Hickman, John Fox and others. It was hard choosing from such a wealth of comedy, but the end product came out excellent.


To the uninitiated this is a chest of comedy gold, finding artists to go back and listen to their full albums. To those somewhat familiar with Laughing Hyena, you get the producer’s pick of the best bits from that time.  Either way, you will be happy and temporarily forget your troubles and come back rejuvenated with a clear mind.


So, take this walk down memory lane and be a better person for it. There are some talented people waiting to entertain you.



1. Earl Pitts
2. Ollie Jo Prater
3. John Fox
4. Trucker Wally
5. Jay Hickman
6. Mark Gross
7. Earl Pitts
8. Ollie Jo Prater
9. John Fox
10. Trucker Wally
11. Jay Hickman
12. Mark Gross
13. Earl Pitts
14. Ollie Jo Prater
15. John Fox
16. John Fox
17. Doc Barham
18. Jay Hickman
19. Earl Pitts
20. Steve Mcgrew
21. Doc Barham
22. Jay Hickman
23. Earl Pitts