Reviews and Teasers

“This is the cherished voice of your warden talking to you ladies over the P.A. here in Leavenworth.  You did not set any fires or kill each other or anything this week, so I am going to let you hear that Laughing Hyena cd you have been wanting to hear over the intercom.” The album begins thus.

It continues: “So this gay guy goes into the doctor with a vibrator stuck up his butt and says ‘I don’t know how it got there,’ The doctor says maybe the gerbil dragged it in, you think? So the doctor took X-Rays and said ‘It will cost you $500 to get that thing out of there,’ 500 DOLLARS, he said. How much just to change the batteries?”

A prison joke? OK.  “A guy goes to prison. He walks into his cell the first day. He is scared to death. He looks up at the guy in the bunk above him.  This guy is 6’8”, 290 lbs of just growling.  He is scared to death,  About 3 in the morning this guy wakes him up and says ‘We’re going to play house. You want to be the man or the wife?’ He says I want to be the man. He says ‘Then get down here and suck your wife’s dick.’”

So goes the first three minutes of Rough Night in Jail.  To hear the whole CD, order it up!


Various Artists “Rough Night In Jail”


  1. The Voice of Your Warden
  2. Drunk or Shit-Faced?
  3. My First Tattoos
  4. Kicked Out of Elvis’ House
  5. Gamble to Win
  6. I Used to Be a School Teacher
  7. Archibald Bareassol
  8. Big Red Rubber
  9. Honeymoon Night
  10. Brand New Tony Lama Boots
  11. A $5 Entertainment Value
  12. The Clerk Looked Up Her Dress
  13. Death or Chi-Chi
  14. Soap Selling Son-Of-A-Bitch
  15. New York Vs. Arkansas
  16. Rodent Petting Zoo
  17. Joy Jelly