Reviews and Teasers

Gary Burbank’s loveable and trying old character Gilbert G-N-A-R-L-E-Y attacks the yellow pages with a senior gusto you have to hear to believe. Don’t miss Gilbert blowing the cover off a psychic healer who tries to maintain his cool. And don’t miss his episode with his nitroglycerin tablets. I want to tell you how they go but that would interfere with your hearing them for yourself.

Gary Burbank playing an 80-year old on the phone is a national treasure. If you have not listened to it yet, your life is incomplete.

Gilbert Gnarley “Prank Phone Calls”


1. Renting a Bus
2. Pay Per View
3. Free Cowboy
4. Vinyl Siding Salesman
5. Psychic Call
6. Letter Carrier
7. Clapper & The Pet Seal
8. Nitro Tablets