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Nascar. Dreaming

My old lady asked me a stupid question this weekend. So, I am sitting ther Are e on the couch watching Nascar. She asks “How come you men watch racing.  It is just grown men going around in a circle all day.’ And I says ‘men watch racing all day because it is every man’s sport. We figure we ain’t never going to dunk a basketball, we ain’t never going to shoot a hole in one playing golf, probably never park a major league fastball in the left-field bleachers, but we can drive real fast.


Men watch racing for the same reason women watch Oprah. You women are not ever going to be models or actresses, but you can talk. Same deal. Just like women can talk, men got the need for speed.  That is why you put an engine on something, you put it on TV and I am watching. Nascar, Indi cars, monster cars, motorcycles speed boats, jet skis, and tractor pulls, It does not make any difference. If a man has to wear a helmet and he could get killed, I am watching it.


And that part about men driving around in a circle all day, nothing could be further than the truth. See, women do not get it. Women do not appreciate the intricate maneuvering and complexities of the sport. You got your tire changing strategy, your air pressure strategy, your putting on yellow strategy, and your drafting strategy. I do not mind watching people think as long as they are doing it at 170 m.p.h.  Wake Up America!


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Earl Pitts “Goes To The Races”


“Earl Goes To The Races” Track List

1. NASCAR Dreaming
2. Lawn Oval Racing
3. Horses vs. NASCAR
4. Car Commercial
5. Gordon Envy
6. Slow Driving
7. Pit Crew
8. Sara Fisher
9. NASCAR Is a Sport
10. Gimme a V8
11. Tour De France
12. Interstate 500
13. Women in NASCAR
14. Chick Cars
15. Choose the Harley
16. Men Know Cars
17. God, A NASCAR Fan