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Gary Gentry, hog rider and flat bedder, is a music industry phenom. A couple of decades ago he wrote the melody and lyrics to the country and western hit ‘The Ride’, which has been covered by a wealth of singers. It is impossible to walk down Nashville’s Printer Alley bars, one side to the other, without hearing “The Ride’ three times. Gentry just received his royalty check for the year and he bought a new custom Hank Williams, Sr. Harley Davidson with the proceeds.

On this album, he sings his favorite trucking songs in his classic baritone and imparts the warmth he feels for those songs like he does his own. Every trucker should have one. It makes a good gift for your favorite trucker too.

Gary Gentry “Trucker Songs”

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“Trucker Songs” Track List

1) Mother Trucker
2) Coffee Jim
3) The Caller
4) Woman in the Runaway Truck
5) Bubba Got Abducted by a U.F.O.
6) Grass-O-Line
7) Dream Machine
8) Girl On the Billboard
9) Gas And Food Exit Off Of I-24
10) Men With Broken Hearts