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Oklahoma Ray Carlisle burned up three million miles on the interstates going to and from Jay, Oklahoma.  Sometimes when he was old enough, Ray Jr. made the trip with his dad.  I wonder if he will grow up to be a freight relocation engineer too?  He sure had a good teacher.

Ray Jr. was the pride of his dad’s eye.  Ray missed many trips so that he could attend his baseball games and PTA meetings.  Ray Jr’s mother passed away when he was an infant leaving Ray as his sole provider.

“Chrome” is dedicated to all of his fellow road warriors that have to sacrifice their time with family in order to pay the bills.

Ray Carlisle “Ray Carlisle “Chrome””

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“Chrome” Track List

  1. The Heartbeat
  2. Chrome
  3. Zig Zags
  4. Ray’s Radio
  5. Workin’Girls
  6. Good Advice
  7. Troops
  8. Cow Jokes
  9. Cow Truckin’
  10. Worried and Unhappy
  11. Left Lane Info.
  12. Little Ray
  13. Briefcase
  14. Fuel Tank
  15. Bob Tail Pete
  16. OKC Song
  17. Ad This
  18. Serenity
  19. The End