Steve Mudflap McGrew might’ve begun in the traditional worlds of radio and comedy clubs over 30 years ago, but he’s still a modern guy. Today, he keeps a bustling website with a wide variety of clips and even shows off his livestreams. Steve McGrew maintains an active social media presence on all major platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where he’s a constant presence sharing his unfiltered, uncensored worldviews as well as jokes ranging from memes to quips. 

Recently, McGrew even took to the podcast world! His Remasculate podcast has 183 episodes with a wide range of guests. In this long running series, Steve tackles some of the most important conservative issues today including QAnon, the Coronavirus, government interference, and more. His guests are a who’s who of the top voices from the right, including Scott Baio, Nick Searcy, and Scott Adams. For a clear guide to the biggest names and what matters most to conservatives, you can look to Steve Mudflap McGrew. Check him out on fantastic tracks such as “Country Comedy.” If you’re feeling bold, also consider “Fantasy Sex Games.”

It’s important to stress McGrew is proud of his conservative status. He knows it’s a risk for his career. He’s even lost jobs over it. But telling the truth means coming out and being yourself. He’s proud to be a no-holds-barred voice of the common man who isn’t putting up with the misinformation being fed to them from the left. He’s a real American voice.

McGrew is, like many comedians, constantly employed on the road. He keeps a busy touring schedule, the latest dates of which can be found on his many platforms. McGrew isn’t just an American phenomenon though. He’s taken his act to international waters with performances on cruise ships. McGrew has also found an audience in the United Kingdom, where his brand of brash comedy is popular in the ever-anarchic home of punk and rebellion. 

But McGrew’s humor isn’t just political. He laughs at all facets of our culture finding humor in everything from Walmart to animals. In the title track “One Sick Puppy,” Steve comments on a chihuahua: “I wanted to get my boy a man-dog for his birthday. Before I could get him a man-dog, my girlfriend got him a Chihuahua. ‘Oh, why don’t you just put lip gloss on him and get this over with’. Nothing breaks a man’s heart more than going to pick up your kid for your weekend and he is standing there with a Chihuahua and a roller bag. ‘Oh, get in the truck, Paris.’”

Steve McGrew laughs at himself too. His humor takes frequent potshots at the world he grew up in, with frequent jokes about his Oklahoma upbringing as well as life on the farm. Steve is proud of his rural roots with constant discussion of his life outside the city. Any jokes are said with a  deep love of the world he grew up in and still lives immersed in.

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