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Every once in a while you run across a comedian who is so damn funny you wonder why he is not a household name. In Laughing Hyena’s case, it is Steve ‘Mudflap’ McGrew. He ranks top with us and with radio too. As the host of a Colorado Country radio show, he won first place for Best Large Market Personality (all genres). And deservedly so.


He performs comedy stories, not necessarily one-liners but we found a couple. ‘Flying is safer than driving? I have met people who have been in a car wreck, but I have never met someone who has been in a plane crash’. Or try this one ‘Soap I will use until it is really thin like I am holding a contact lens’.

And don’t miss the hilarious vomiting chihuahua at the foot of the bed tale. It may be the best story on the album


McGrew recorded a few albums for us. Our customers say this one is the best. We must agree with them.

Steve McGrew “One Sick Puppy”


“One Sick Puppy” Track List

1) Pickup Lines
2) Dollar Store
3) Walmart
4) Flying
5) Mississippi
6) Oklahoma
7) Casinos
8) Old People
9) History of Beer
10) Taco Bell
11) My Ex and I
12) Girlfriend Moves In
13) Garage Sale
14) Crafts
15) Toilet Paper
16) The Mall
17) B.B. Guns
18) One Sick Puppy
19) The End