Reviews and Teasers

“All American Humor” has two headliners on it. I will focus on the second, Jonathan Gotsick. a small, thin and bald man. He describes himself as Mr. Clean’s queer little brother. He and the boys from the office go out after work one night to a gentleman’s club. He is short on cash and convinces his friends to go to the bargain club, the home of the Strip-O-Potamus. He buys a lap dance and wonders if anyone else has been suffocated by an exotic dancer.

Jonathan Gotsick “All American Humor”


“All American Humor” Track List

  1. Intro-Greg Travis
  2. Credit Card Crazy
  3. Illegal Net Surfing for Some Fun
  4. My Friends’ Questionable Iq’s
  5. Happy People Need Hearing Aids
  6. I Can’t Drive When You’re Talking
  7. Yes, Good Credit Can Buy Love
  8. Sex Is Best with Someone Else
  9. Intro-Jonathan Gotsick
  10. Dry Heaves, Wet Heaves & Chunks
  11. Mr. Clean’s Queer Little Brother
  12. Vanilla Cubicle Farts
  13. Cat Hernia Get Well Cards
  14. Strip-O-Potamus
  15. Suffocated by an Exotic Dancer
  16. Woody’s & Gentlemen’s Clubs
  17. Inflatable Doll Patch Kits
  18. Kentucky Kulture Klub