Scott Angrave “Chaw’in T’backy”

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Here is an entertaining album to listen to. Scott Angrave gives you the inside scoop on British street-language. The picture on the cover, for example, is the English version of an American giving you the finger. This is something you need to know. Do Brits celebrate the 4th of July?  Think about it. In Britain, you pump your own gas, so imagine Scott’s amazement here when a gonad scratching petrol attendant does it for him. Learn to speak British.

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“Chaw’in T’backy” Track List

  1. Intro
  2. A Brit in the South
  3. Scott Angrave
  4. Pink Pickled Pig’s Feet
  5. Scott Angrave
  6. Kick Them in the Googlies
  7. Gonad Scratching Petrol Attendant
  8. Chawin’ T’backy
  9. Wet My Winkie Tonight
  10. Spider Monkey Feet
  11. Real Men Don’t Dance
  12. Do Brits Celebrate July 4th?
  13. Someone Is Pulling My Plonker