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There has been much talk of turning his book, “Monkey in the Middle” into a movie. The book opens with Maxwell sharing his rough start in life, which included having a drug addict mother who abandoned him and his siblings, and a father who was in a motorcycle gang. Maxwell was separated from his siblings — they have since reunited — and raised from age 5 months by his grandparents near 20th and Hampton, in Milwaukee.

Maxwell calls himself a dented can and, sarcastically, Mr. Lucky. But he has made a living working on the radio in Milwaukee, Chicago, Reno, and Los Angeles, and in stand-up comedy, now mostly as a regular at Zanies clubs in the Chicago area. He also teaches comedy.

Dobey Maxwell “Mr. Lucky In Kentucky”

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“Mr. Lucky In Kentucky” Track List

1. Personal Hello From Dobie
2. Let’s Get Started, I’m Lucky to Be Here
3. Hometown Waitress-Doris The Porkasaurus
4. You Got The Money, You Got The Honey
5. I Love Cars, But They Don’t Love Me
6. Bus Trip Opus
7. Anguish with Language
8. Dead Man’s Luck
9. Prison On A Salad Bar Violation
10. Outlet Malls
11. Church Hopping
12. Stupid People Soliloquy / Good Bye / Heckler