Wake up, America!!! Pitts has been entertaining millions of Americans since 1985 — with his unique perspective of life in America. Earl was listened from to coast to coast on over 130 radio stations across America. He offers his views of the red-blooded, hard-working, right-thinking regular American. Ah, more or less. Earl Pitts is the longest-running short-form radio feature in history. Welcome to Earl’s world. Listen to his radio commentaries…and join in with your opinions too. And Pitts Off.

His comedic musings cover everything from amusing stories about his family and friends to his job at the local tavern. You’ll love hearing about his wife Pearl, son Earl Junior, daughter Sandra Dee, and good buddy Dub Meeker. And get this: Earl Pitts is the longest-running, short-form radio feature in history. This guy is a true comedy legend!

The Best Skits of This Decade

Get ready to hear Earl’s take on what it means to be a hard-working, red-blooded American. Whether he’s enjoying The Great Outdoors by hunting and fishing or struggling through his unhappy marriage to his wife Pearl (who can understand women, anyway?), Earl’s albums are sure to have a little bit of fun at everyone’s expense.

His hilarious skits like “Earl Picks His Favorites” over a wide range of topics, from politics and religion to the manly pursuits of drinking beer and chasing women. No matter the subject, you can always count on Earl to take a few potshots at political correctness. As a blue-collar transmission factory worker, Earl has strong opinions on what makes him sick and is not afraid to share them.

The Man Behind the Comedy

Earl Pitt’s voice and creator, Gary Burbank, is a clean comedian like no other. Burbank’s impact on the comedy scene extended beyond his on-air persona; he was also known for his skill in creating memorable characters and voices. With his fantastic cast of hilarious characters, your whole family will be rolling on the floor with laughter. His ability to mimic a wide range of personalities added an extra layer of entertainment to his shows, showcasing his comedic prowess and vocal dexterity.

Even though Gary Burbank doesn’t often appear in person as his characters, his hilarious recordings featuring Earl Pitts and other beloved characters are meant to be experienced and enjoyed in the theater of the mind.

In 2012 Earl Pitts and his alter ego Gary Burbank were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.
You know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so mad I just wanna play pin the tail on the donkey…with a real donkey? The real trick is getting it off him, to begin with. Even though Gary Burbank retired his redneck hat back in 2021, there are still a whopping 14 hilarious albums featuring Earl Pitts to enjoy here at Laughing Hyena Records. So don’t worry- you can still get your fill of this lovable redneck and his hilarious rants.

If you’re looking for something to listen to on a long road trip or even in the comfort of your home, we highly recommend picking up several Earl Pitts albums. Trust us, once you start listening and laughing hard, you won’t want to stop at just one!

A Laughing Hyena employee was in Middle America a few years ago. She was wearing a Laughing Hyena jacket and on the back were the names Jeff Foxworthy and Earl Pitts. She was getting stopped by people who wanted to talk about ….. Earl Pitts! That will give you an idea of how really popular he is.

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