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Life may be a highway, this album will be sure to make that a laugh a mile.  This is a compilation of the best of Trucker Comedy.  You can use it as a sampler to find your favorite artist or just listen to it for its own sake.  This album contains jokes from Ernie Shill, Elmer Fudpucker, Katfish, Trucker Wally, L’il Brother Trucker and so many more.  So why not pull over, pop in the CD, and laugh for a while.

Various Artists “Road Dogs”

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“Road Dogs” Track List

1. L’il Brother Trucker
2. Trucker Willy
3. Ernie Shill
4. Katfish
5. Elmer Fudpucker
6. Katfish
7. Katfish
8. Ernie Shill
9. Trucker Wally
10. Elmer Fudpcuker
11. L’il Brother Trucker
12. Trucker Wally
13. Ernie Shill
14. Katfish
15. Trucker Wally
16. Ernie Shill
17. Elmer Fudpucker
18. Ernie Shill
19. Katfish
20. Trucker Wally
21. L’il Brother Trucker
22. Trucker Wally
23. Ernie Shill
24. Elmer Fudpucker
25. Trucker Wally
26. L’il Brother Trucker
27. Trucker Wally/Ernie Shill
28. Elmer Fudpucker
29. Katfish
30. Katfish
31. Katfish
32. Ernie Shill
33. Katfish
34. Trucker Wally
35. L’il Brother Trucker
36. Katfish
37. All American Trucker
38. She Ran Off With A Trucker
39. Trucker Wally