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Ray Carlisle, singer-songwriter and humorist to the highway heroes, presents another album for your consideration. In his fifth album, he uses drums and harp effectively for his background instrumentation. He says using drums helps keep drivers awake. Listen to ‘Briefcase’ to hear him drumming on his briefcase instead of his regular drum heads. The percussion helps keep drivers alert and awake.  Here are some of Carlisle’s humor and a tearjerker:


I was thinking of calling this album ‘Oil’. This way when you drivers stop to get fuel, it would go down on your fuel receipt as Oil. Then the companies would be buying everybody this album.


To moms and dads and kids and wives,

That belongs to drivers who lost their lives.

Like a movie script of highway scars,

Look up at night. They are the stars.

Ray Carlisle “The Reality Of Truckin”

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“The Reality of Truckin” Track List

1) Ray’s Radio
2) The Heartbeat
3) Chrome
4) Worried and Unhappy
5) Truck Track
6) Big Cabin
7) Race to Amarillo
8) Cow Truckin’
9) Good Advice
10) Little Ray
11) Briefcase
12) Serenity
13) The Right Gear
14) I’m Back Out