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And here’s Trucker Wally again, motoring down the interstates, and tearing up the pavement  Our highway hero is laying down the miles and making up comedy in the great white north, for your listening enjoyment. He is delivering rebar for construction projects and recording his latest fake commercials just for you drivers.  This is the consensus best album by Trucker Wally as judged by truckstop sales and youtube approval bars. So you can not go wrong here. So listen in as he and his character flawed and morally dubious sidekick Rollo lay down the comedy.


Hear what Wally has to say to National Bull Haulers Association (It is priceless). If he was not flat bedding we think he would be hauling bulls. And Wally has a fake product you might wish were real when he riffs about Refrigerated Flatbed Tarps. And do not miss Truck Driving School, unless you are a State Trooper. Then by all means miss it.  Miss the entire album if you can. You would not enjoy it.


So drive America’s interstate highways and listen to Wally and Rollo. A fun time awaits all new trucker listeners and their sidekicks. If you work for the government, have a badge and an attitude, switch over to Laughing Hyena’s stand up comedy or tasteless tunes. You will like those much better.

Trucker Wally “Truck Driving School”


“Truck Driving School” Track List

1. Truck Driving School
2. Diesel Dykes / Highway Hostesses
3. State Trooper School
4. Refrigerated Flatbed Tarps
5. Night Clubs
6. Drag Races
7. National Bull Haulers
8. Don’s Dispatching School / Lot Lizards
9. National Chicken Haulers