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Jerry Dye is the perfect complement to pair with Ron White, each doing separate sets. Like White, Dye uses a little profanity in recounting personal and funny country stories about his wife and life. The two match up so well they were put on this one album together and they are laugh-out-loud funny.


Dye opens his set saying he can’t stay too long tonight. I Gotta take these boots back to the motel so my brother can go out tonight. It is only fair because he is wearing the underwear tonight. Later on, Dye tells the story that his wife saw a couple of rats around the backyard and she wanted him to get rid of them. But she didn’t want him to kill them. How do you do that? Do you go out there and threaten them? Better get the fuck outta here. So I bought this thing called a rat-a-pult.  It doesn’t kill the rat, it just flings the little bastards next door. Now she is mad at me because it is driving her cat crazy. Watching that fast food go over the fence, you know.


Don’t miss his stories on having to go to the gas station restroom.

They are a hoot!


Ron White opens his set with “Do you mind if I smoke? No. Well fuck you”. And don’t miss him entering his wife’s photos in Hustler’s Beaver Hunt, her winning, and him using the money to get new tires to replace the ones she slashed. White and Dye are like brothers separated at birth.

Ron White And Jerry Dye “Truckstop Comedy”

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“Truckstop Comedy” Track List

1. Stay Home and Cuss
2. Rat Catapults
3. Baptist Preachers
4. Jewelry
5. Locked Restrooms
6. Head Shop
7. Firewater
8. Butt Tattoos
9. Hustler
10. Busted in Des Moines
11. Tickler
12. Bronco Rider
13. Gay Rights