Reviews and Teasers

I never should have lipped off to my boss back at the plant today. It only paid $7.50 an hour but wherever am I going to find another job as a Trojan tester. I’ll have to apply for this job I have marked on my IPad, watching women’s aerobics. It pays worse but with my experience, I am a shoo-in. Yes, it is a sick world and I’m a happy guy.

I’m at the dating service. I told them I want someone to go drinking with and to watch the horses. They set me up with a guy named Lou.

I’m at the swimming pool to relax after a hard day. But I just got kicked out. For peeing off the high dive.  It’s a sick world – I’m a happy guy.

Larry Reeb “Sick World, Happy Guy”


“Sick World, Happy Guy” Track List

1) Trojan Tester
2) Watching Women’s Aerobics
3) Hospital Humiliations
4) Skipping School
5) Someone to Go Drinking With
6) Watching Porno and Drinking Beer
7) Meeting Women
8) Bachelorette Parties
9) Tip The Dancer
10) Sleeping on the Couch
11) Scented Toilet Paper
12) Psycho Hitchhiker
13) Peeing From the High Dive
14) Michael Jackson Knocks Up Monkey
15) Breast Implants
16) Slick Willie’s Whorehouse and Cigar Bar