Ray Carlisle has come a long way from his early days in the recording industry when he sold his cassette tapes from door to door in truck stops around Oklahoma where he was born and raised. They are now available from Laughing Hyena Records and nationwide through finer travel centers on the interstates.
As proud as Ray was of his five albums, he was even more proud of his son Little Ray, whose mother left him with his dad when he was an infant. A dedicated father Ray passed up playing at trucker shows and conventions to raise his little one the right way.
A trucker for decades Ray cut down and removed problem trees around the Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Oklahoma. It was hard work but every night he got to go home.
Ray’s fans wanted his whole set of CDs, testimony to the quality of his product. Ray’s albums have kept more drivers awake than all those energy drinks they sell at the truck stops. It is hard to fall asleep at the wheel when you are laughing your butt off.
Buy these albums today and drive safely. Come on back!

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