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Chicken Hauler Blues 1 and 2 were given to us by Bubba P. Waters, who ran a CB shop in an Oklahoma Petro. Ain’t no feeling like chickenmobilin’ came to us through many conversations between Bubba and his CB customers. The second best way to hear about the trucking life is from listening to road stories from truckers.

So, Bubba recounts some of the best stories he heard on these two volumes of prime listening. He ultimately left the store to set up a Christian ministry in Florida where he has been preaching for a few years now. You know if there are any truckers among his flock they will be especially well tended to.

Bubba P. Waters “Chicken Hauler Blues”

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“Chicken Hauler Blues” Track List

1) What’d You Stop Me For?
2) Rooster Cruiser Man
3) Bubba’s Chicken Hauler Truck Driving Train
4) Need Another Gear
5) Chicken Hauler Quiz
6) Road Rage
7) Truck, Truck, Truck, Truckin’
8) Dispatcher Butt Kicken’ Blues
9) The Ballad of Jodie Lynn
10) Bubba P. Water’s Hyptatzin Service
11) Ain’t No Feelin’ Like Chickenmobilin’