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Yes, you are at a truck show, maybe Louisville, KY, and there is a carnival atmosphere. Chrome is shining as far as the eye can see and engines are whining and new mudflaps are being displayed. And there are some tents. And in one of the tents, Joey Holliday is tuning his guitar and his wife Vicky is setting up some amplifiers.  And then the music starts and you and the drivers next to you stand transfixed. The music is great and your favorite songs are funny and about trucking. You get so wound up in the performance you forget to get the album the songs are on.  Alas, you have a second chance. Right here and right now.

Joey Holiday “Funny Trucking Songs”

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“Funny Trucking Songs” Track List

1) The CB Song
2) Where’s The Pothole Patrol
3) Okey Dokey Good Buddy
4) Slowhio
5) She’s A Truckin’ Masterpiece
6) Shut Up Stupid
7) Orange Cone Zone
8) Truckin’ In My Underwear
9) Rooster Cruisin, Chicken Haulin’
10) She Love My Peterbilt
11) No Fat In My Diet
12) Truckin’ Love Song