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Trucker Wally is famous for his fake trucking commercials he rehearsed over the CB radio.  He did a series of albums for us and this is one of his top efforts, also coincidentally his first. Wally drives a flatbed for a living, hauling rebar from Salt Lake City to North Dakota. He opened an ice cream shop after driving until it wore him down but then went out on the road after he rested up because the money was so good. This took decades which he used to come up with a new comedy.


Don’t miss his take on CDL questions on which he targets the highways’ authority figures, who get nailed mercilessly.   Also hilarious is his imagined Toro Brush Hog which attaches to the front of the cab and trims off low-hanging tree limbs while driving down residential streets.

Our favorite is F*** Off Lizard Repellant which makes door handles too slippery for Horizontal Highway Hostesses.


Trucker Wally is a trip in more ways than one.  Take his polished commercials and laugh your ass off while going down the road. There are eleven total commercials mixed with trucker commentary to entertain you. And it has been trucker approved as Fine Entertainment by the National Trucker Comedy Commission, located in a chicken coop near you. (That’s something Wally might say).

Trucker Wally “The Lot Lizard Blowout”

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“The Lot Lizard Blowout” Track List

1. Wanda’s Wash
2. International Lumpers Union/Bootheel Tire Thumpers
3. Q-Beam Spotlights
4. Lizard Repellant
5. Bucking Festival
6. Emergency Broadchasing System
7. Shower Ticket Auction
8. Blizzard Lizard Blowout