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It is November now. You have already scoped out the woods near Pottersville for your deer campsite that has some trees with just the right foliage for a deer stand. There is plenty of room for some ice chests filled with Budweiser and room for a stack of girlie magazines and a metal washtub for washing your clothes  – or maybe room for more beer. What a way to spend two weeks in the fall. Someone might even bag a deer this year. Unlikely. A guy can hope!

And we need some good listening to put on the portable CD player, something that will prevent Hoolie from blowing off another few toes while loaded this year, yet sensitive enough to draw in a 32-pointer. I am going to bring my Metallica collection.  Very manly music, I say. Maybe my Van Halen collection, too. That should get us pumped up.  Oh, yeah, and my favorite deer hunting CD, ‘Deer Camp Songs’.

The Laughing Hyena Band “Deer Camp Songs”

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“Deer Camp Songs” Track List

1) In The Beginning
2) Mighty Manly Hunting Men
3) Can’t I Go To Deer Camp Too
4) Da Turdy Point Buck
5) Second Week of Deer Camp
6) Give Grandpa Some More Beans
7) Turdy Point Buck II Da Sequel
8) Who Are You People
9) Something To Shoot
10) Now My Left Foot
11) Chiquito War
12) Second Week Of Deer Camp Part II
13) Time To Go Home
14) Rusty Chevrolet